Wharton School launches metaverse-focused business course

The Wharton School, a high-profile business school out of the University of Pennsylvania, announced the launch of a new course regarding business in the metaverse. 

The online course is titled “Business in the Metaverse Economy” and educates students about metaverse business practices, giving participants first-hand interactive experiences in virtual spaces. 

The intent of the course is to provide business professionals a better understanding of opportunities in the budding metaverse economy and better tools to address issues in it, said the program’s academic director Kevin Werbach in a release. 

Other high-profile universities in the United States have incorporated web3 tech as learning tools, such as classes at Duke University and Stanford University providing course completion certificates as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, Wharton’s new program marks one of the first instances that the metaverse as an economic opportunity enters higher education. 

Wharton developed the metaverse business course with the economic consulting firm Prysm Group. The six-week program is asynchronous and contains over 50 lecture videos, with guest speakers from Adobe, Animoca Brands, Second Life, Unity and more.


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