VC Kevin Rose: ‘There Is No ETH Price at Which Web3 Becomes Less Interesting’

On Monday (June 13), AmericanSerial entrepreneur and technology investor Kevin RoseComment on Ethereum, Web3, and the current conditions in the crypto market.

AccordingTo his personal website. Rose currently works “as a partner at True Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology startups,” where he is focused on “blockchain (NFTs, cryptocurrency, DeFi), consumer internet, and health/wellness.” Also, he hosts the “PROOF” and “Modern Finance” podcasts.

SomeOf Rose’s angel investments are Twitter, Square, Foursquare, Nextdoor, Blue Bottle Coffee, Facebook.

On Monday, RoseHe shared his story with more than 1.6 million followers TwitterNo matter how low the EthereumThe current bear market has a lower price for ($ETH), but there are still projects that are interested in the technology and its promise. Web3 — rather than focuses solely on how much money they can make — will continue to build.

TheseThese are the market conditions which discourage money-motivated projects. ThereThere is no price at which web3 becomes less fascinating than ETH. BackTo work. 🛠

— KΞVIN R◎SE (🪹,🦉) (@kevinrose) June 13, 2022

On February28, at the (virtual). Web 3.1 Leadership Summit, Brian SolisWho is a Global Innovation Evangelistat SalesforceThe keynote speech was delivered jointly by a world-renowned futurist and author, as well as a recipient of an award.

InThis speech Solis “spoke about where we are and where we need to be, to leave the world better off than it is.”

He said, “the top 9% of accounts in web3 hold 80% of the $41 billion dollar market value of NFTs, the top 2% own 95% of the $800 billion supply of bitcoin, and 0.1% of bitcoin miners are responsible for half of all mining output.” He went on to say that “Web3 is not supposed to be about this elitism or exclusivity”, and in fact, it is “supposed to be built on transparency, accountability, security, decentralization, trustless networks, and community.”

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