TopGoal signs strategic partnership with Galxe for Football metaverse

TopGoal has entered into a strategic partnership with Galxe, the largest credential data platform in the crypto world, to jointly explore the new world of the football metaverse.

As a credential data that builds an open collaborative DID system for the highly active Web3 users, Galxe has mastered the traffic channels

Galxe will be an event portal for TopGoal

In the partnership, Galxe will become an important event portal for TopGoal allowing TopGoal to build upon Galxe’s NFT infrastructure and on-chain data credential network to create and distribute NFT badges.

TopGoals NFT badges are designed to attract the attention of new users and cultivate the loyalty of old users while motivating all the community members. The community is the foundation of any Web3 and the active participation and contribution of members determine the health and prosperity of the Web3 project.

Improving sports revenue through Web3

The revenue model of the traditional sports IP has been overstretched so far. However, the evolution of Web3 has unlocked the full potential of the sports industry.

Sports clubs and stars are using Web3 to reach their fans while offering digital assets like fan tokens associated with their brands.

TopGoal has deep experience and connections throughout the football industry, which is the most popular sports industry with over 3.5 billion fans around the world. It plans to bring the football sport into Web3 by integrating NFT, GameFi, and SocailFi in a football metaverse based on blockchain technology.

Empowering the fan economy

Galxe’s partnership shows that TopGoal has entered an important growth stage. TopGoal’s deep resources in the football industry and Galxe’s expertise in Web3 are expected to revolutionize the experience of TopGoal users (fans).

TopGoal will leverage the various Galxe platform services like OAT credentials to attract football fans, gamers, and crypto users and help them to seamlessly interact with football clubs, players and other stakeholders on the TopGoal Metaverse.

TopGoal’s vision has always been to bridge sports to Web3.


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