Three Arrows Capital Liquidates 15K ETH On Compound In An Hour

SingaporeHedge fund that is based on a – Three Arrows CapitalThis is causing the crypto market crash to worsen. TheThe company is liquidating its holdings in order to repay the debt and prevent its liquidation.

A wallet allegedly linked Three Arrows CapitalMore than 15k ETH has been liquidated CompoundIn just one hour

BesidesThis wallet Three Arrows Capitala liquidated holdings in its other wallets as well as the EthereumThe prices of (ETH) continue to fall, putting pressure on the firm for liquidation.

Three Arrows CapitalOn the VergeOf Liquidation

AfterProtocol for DeFi lending Celsius, Three Arrows CapitalDue to the extreme crypto market conditions, financial conditions are deteriorating and now there are insolvency risk.

PeckShieldAlert as a series tweets June15 of them were revealed Three Arrows CapitalIn just one hour, he had liquidated almost 15k Ethereum in five transactions. TheOn the verge of a $35 million liquidation, wallet CompoundHaving a 1.04 health factor, ETH position was secured.

TheAddress uses USDT to repay the debt, and withdraws ETH. Thereafter, Three Arrows CapitalConvert ETH to USDT/USDC UniswapV3 and repays debt Compound.

Moreover, Three Arrows CapitalTo avoid liquidation of its 223k Ethereum worth almost $264 million, it has been paying down its AAVE V2 debt. TheIf the price of Ethereum falls below $1016, ETH in the wallet is at risk of liquidation. ThisIncreased liquidation risks would be a problem. AlsoIt will cause massive selling in EthereumThe, which has been seen in the past few minutes.

Furthermore, Three Arrows CapitalIt is liquidating its stETH assets to ETH amid liquidation threats. TheTop firms have already liquidated positions in Three Arrows Capital. MeanwhileMany crypto companies are now making their sure to Three Arrows Capital.

Three Arrows Capital Loses Shine Amid ETH Crash

Three Arrows CapitalRumors suggest that it is facing insolvency and liquidation risks. Meanwhile, the firm’s co-founder Zhu SuThey are currently working on the situation and communicating with other parties.

HoweverThe EthereumAfter the announcement, the price of (ETH) could fall below $1000. Federal Reserve’s FOMC meeting today. The FedInflation and stagflation could lead to interest rates being raised.


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