The Future of Shopping: Agoraverse, The Metaverse Shopping Center

The metaverse has tremendous commercial potential. According to Goldman Sachs, the global market opportunity for the metaverse is $3.75 trillion, with a maximum market opportunity of $12.46 trillion. In addition, the metaverse attracts both individuals and businesses. For example, there is a prediction that 25 percent of people will spend at least one hour per day in the metaverse in 2026. On the other hand, 30 percent of businesses will offer products and services related to the metaverse. People are already in the knowledge of and have an interest in the metaverse, but participation opportunities are limited presently. However, there is an estimation that 74% of Americans will most likely join or be considering joining the metaverse by 2022, with 14% being “extremely familiar,” 33% being “interested,” and 18% being “enthusiastic” about it. Considering the above stats, if you have been wondering about a Metaverse marketplace, you are in the right place. Let us introduce you to this land of limitless potential – Agoraverse

What is Agoraverse?

The Agoraverse is an e-commerce metaverse, a web 3.0 online store where digital and physical goods can be purchased. The Agora is an immersive, blockchain-powered virtual retail complex. It is the first of its kind. The Agora will feature clothing stores, furniture stores, art stores, non-fungible tokens, and other Metaverse-compatible use cases. To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, it will also feature mini-games and leisure areas, such as restaurants, bars, and clubs. If you are a business looking to expand into the metaverse or a consumer seeking a new shopping experience, Agoraverse is precisely what you need.

Metashops: Open your Shop in the Metaverse

A metashop is a retail establishment located within the Agora. A business or individual that sells digital or physical goods owns it. With Metashops, you can engage in a 3D shopping experience. You can also invite your friends to join you in the Agora for all of your online shopping activities. Additionally, you can shop with new people while remaining anonymous and secure. One of the most ambitious goals of Agoraverse is to allow users to view items in 3D. After that, they can try them on their avatars and in their “Lofts.” It would also enable you to make a more educated decision when shopping online. Due to the anonymity of blockchain transactions, users can shop securely. You can protect your personal information and identity by making purchases through Agora.

Lofts Available In The Agoraverse

There are a variety of Lofts available in the Agora, including:

The Standard Loft 

It is possible to transform this fully-customizable private virtual space using an editor into an entertainment area, office, or even a personal shop—the introductory offer.

The Premium Loft 

This is larger than its Standard counterpart and flaunts high-quality, contemporary features and finishes that give it a clean, polished appearance upon entry. There is also an exterior balcony for a pleasant change of scenery.

The Exclusive Loft

This is the largest and the most popular option. The Exclusive Loft is the perfect location for organizing large-scale events and expressing your creativity. It has two levels and an open floor plan.

Private Loft Access Cards

To gain access to one of the private Lofts, you must carry one of the Access Cards in your Solana wallet. In fact, there are currently 4400 Standard copies, 1100 Premium copies, and 55 Exclusive Access Cards available. Each Loft will come with a variety of customization options. By default, it will resemble a living room. However, you can transform it into a store or art gallery for your NFT collection, an office space, or completely gut it and remodel it according to your specifications.

AGORA Tokenomics

$AGORA, the Agoraverse token, is the shopping currency of this metaverse marketplace. You will be able to purchase products from the various partnered Metashops, irrespective of what is on sale (NFTs or physical items). The goal is to create a currency that combines blockchain technology with practical utility. For example, you may plan your next road trip or purchase an engagement ring using the Agora token. The more companies that join the Agora, the more valuable your Agora token will be. $AGORA will also contribute to the growth of the metaverse. As a result, in years to come, it will reward users, creators, and holders (i.e.everyone who contributes to the ecosystem’s success).

What is $AGORA’s Main Purpose?

You can use $AGORA for different purposes, including:

  • Reward holders can stake rewards in $AGORA, upgrade their Access Card, purchase raffle tickets on the raffle staking platform, and participate in future NFT releases.
  • Rent a metashop, pay for 3D modeling services on demand for metashops, and buy NFTs within the Agora.
  • Purchase tangible items in the Agora and receive cashback in $AGORA for your purchases.
  • Play $AGORA-based minigames in the Agora

Token Distribution

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,009
  • Initial availability: 460,000,000 (46 percent )
  • Release schedule: 4 years

Every six months, $AGORA will be created, with funds held in seven different wallets that can be viewed on the blockchain at any time. These tokens aim to provide early liquidity so that $AGORA can be exchanged for $USDT. Therefore, this gives the token real value. On June 3rd, the project will launch an Initial Coin Offering to raise additional funds. 16 percent of the tokens will be sold to provide the project with long-term funding. In addition, the liquidity pools will receive forty percent of the funds raised. This guarantees a stable and healthy token that allows holders passive income. A DEX, such as Raydium, will be used to increase the pool’s liquidity. Regarding future VC fundraising funds and liquidity pools on multiple CEX platforms, these funds will be released in August 2022 to reduce the initial supply.


Agoraverse is a large-scale metaverse initiative that aims to revolutionize internet shopping. The project’s ambition, on the other hand, is grounded in its long-term goal of assisting individuals in becoming metaverse shop owners and improving customers’ online shopping experiences. It intends to fulfill each of its commitments one at a time, ensuring quality and dependability while retaining a long-term perspective.


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