Terra Influencer FatMan Spots Loopholes in Coindesk Korea Report Accusing TerraForm Labs Crashing UST and LUNA

But it’s not true – it’s total nonsense. (1/4)

— FatMan (@FatManTerra) June 14, 2022

RecallThat Coindesk KoreaTFL was accused by a report published accusing it of being linked to the wallet which conducted the transactions. This intentionally caused the de-pegging. TerraUSD (UST) plunged as a result. FatMan dismissed the report, saying it is untrue and “nonsense.”

“TheNews is a wildfire. It’s already big in Korea, and the data is being used by Korean prosecutors. It’s on Huobi GlobalAs well. ButBased on research, I discovered a major hole (in their report). Uppsala Security, a chain analysis firm) making the whole thing untrue,” FatMan said.

WhileHighlighting the conclusion of CoindeskFatMan reported that the wallet referred as the LUNC DAO wallet is not his. TerraThe report also mentions that the address mentioned in the report is a hot KuCoin wallet.

ThePopular TerraWhistleblower pointed out that the two addresses were not connected by the simple fact that they received funds from KuCoin’s cryptocurrency trading platform.

HeHis recent discovery, he added, proves that the report is sinister. It has no solid proof backing.

“I am disappointed that an outlet as prestigious as CoinDesk Korea would publish this without running basic checks,” FatMan concluded.

PS. IfGet in touch if you need your reports fact checked. I’mAlways here. I am disappointed that CoinDesk is not a more prestigious outlet. KoreaThis would be published without any basic checks.

— FatMan (@FatManTerra) June 14, 2022

FatMan Previously Accused KwonOf Cheating

MeanwhileFatMan was recently accused Do KwonTFL founder, of being owner of a mystery vault that contains over 20,000,000 $LUNA coins.

FatMan claimed that the TerraThe wallet was used to vote for proposals that were created by founder Terrato ensure that things work in his favor at all costs to the community.

Terra KwonRecent scrutiny has been intense on their role in the collapse of $LUNA/TFL. The TerraRecent reports claim that the boss cashed out more $2 billion in weeks prior Terra crashed.

However, KwonTFL denied all reports of him and his company being indicted. TFL stated that it is focused on making investors whole, and would not be distracted from negative reports.


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