Tank Battle Concludes Second Warlord Season

Tank Battle, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game on the BNB Chain, recently concluded its second edition of their Warlord PvP season.

The season closed on June 27, with the project’s top fifty players getting recognized through a Tweet. Freewind83 bested all Tank Commanders for the season to take home the top spot for Warlord season 2.

“The two seasons of Warlord were amazing,” Minh Duong, Tank Battle’s head of game design, told BSCNews. “We took users’ suggestions and recommendations and fixed the bonus prize amount for each season. A lot of them upgraded, [and fused] their tanks to improve their power and the races were highly competitive between players.”

Tank Battle Concludes Second Warlord Season 3 Source

The Warlord game mode is one of three PvP game modes in Tank Battle. Warlord focuses on acquiring tanks to improve their stats and skills. The game mode brings in more competition within the community as they have to strategize with the tanks they have and beat real opponents instead of using them to farm in the PvE mode. More game modes focusing on social interactions between players, like Survival and Guild Wars, will be added in the future.

What is Tank Battle:

Tank Battle is an idle PlayToEarn real-time strategy game built on the BNB Chain. It is a war-themed strategy game where you form a team of at most five tanks to try and defeat your opponent. Strategize by placing Tanks of different types in the best possible spot you think helps you win the battle. It is an idle strategy game. Therefore once you place the tanks, you will have to watch them battle against each other by firing their artillery at each other once the cooldown is over. Learn more about the project or try playing their demo by visiting their website.


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