Solanium Unveils Governance Program

Marking the one-year anniversary of the launch of Solanium, the Solana-based protocol has introduced a governance program. 

Solanium unveiled the governance program in a Medium blog released on March 27. The governance program will allow the community to vote for projects as a part of the newly introduced due diligence process. Using the xSLIM tokens, the Solanium community can decide if the project’s NFT/Token sale will take place. 

‍“Solanium is built with ‘For the community, By the community’ mantra in mind. Started with a few friends from different communities, with a common passion for the blockchain, we came together to create a community launchpad to empower the community”. Solanium opens up in the Medium blog and further adds, “We are proud to be able to realize this dream of ours by Introducing Governance Program — We want to give our community the power to vote for projects to be launched on Solanium.”

The due diligence process introduced to assess projects as per the governance program is outlined below:

  • Review the project’s pitch deck and tokenomics
  • Have a team call with the project team
  • Update the project’s proposal on the voting page
  • Community votes for the project
  • The project page will be set up to prepare for the launch

Solanium Unveils Governance Program 3 Source: Solanium Medium

A successful project poll is one in which 75% or more of the votes say YES to launching the project, and the project poll will last between 5-7 days. Next up, Solanium’s roadmap shows that the inclusion of dynamic staking and staking rewards will be a key focus in the next few months.

Solanium Unveils Governance Program 5 Source: Solanium Medium


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