Social investment leader Zignaly launches ZIG DAO

After five years in business, social investment pioneer Zignaly is taking its platform further into the DeFi realm with the launch of ZIG DAO, Invezz learned from a press release. With almost half a million users, Zignaly is the world’s largest expert-managed social investing platform.

Extending the range of Web3 investments

With today’s launch of the ZIG DAO, the company will harness the power of its platform and community to dramatically extend the range of Web3 investments available. These will now include NFT and crypto investing without the limitations imposed by centralized exchanges. Other options include metaverse real estate, DeFi staking and LPs.

Bartolome R. Bordallo, CEO of Zignaly, commented:

Our mission at Zignaly has always been about more than just broadening access to alternative assets – it’s about a passive income revolution for everyday investors. Rather than agonizing over every trade or consulting so-called ‘crypto influencers’ for help reading the tea leaves, Zignaly empowers everyone to profit off of the investment moves made by experts with transparent performance histories.

Growth target of $10b in TVL

The CEO set targets of 100 million+ transactions per month and $10 billion in TVL by the fourth quarter of 2023. According to him, ZIG.DAO will generate $3 billion or 30% in returns from the targeted TVL per annum.

This growth will see support from a wide range of vehicles such as DEXs, Yield Farms, NFT Market Platforms, and Lending/Borrowing platforms.

New forms of value exchange

The combination of a roadmap driven by the community and new DeFi features will make brand new forms of social exchanges of value possible between people, groups and organizations regardless of size. This can include, for example:

Decentralized Marketplaces – being able to participate in a decentralized marketplace curated with a range of expert traders, fund managers, and crypto investors with transparent reputation stats and track records, where people can freely collaborate around a passive investing model where both sides are incentivized and share the profits.

Self-Formed Hedge Funds – creating your own hedge fund with friends. If you have a friend with a solid track record in crypto investing and you’ve always wanted to invest some of your money through them to share the profits, you can do that now.

Crypto & Web3 Investment Consulting – people who are good at crypto investing can offer their expertise to Zignaly’s community of more than 400,000 users without the constraints of having to create their own solution for managing the accounting of what belongs to whom or of having to market their services.


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