Plugin and Inclusive Growth Chain Partnership To Check Air Pollution in Real-time

Plugin and Inclusive Growth Chain (IGC) are collaborating to track and improve real-time air pollution monitoring and make the development of innovative blockchain solutions easier with the help of data feeds from trusted off-chain sources.

Pollution check is a blockchain-enabled use case for detecting and tracing air pollution in real-time. The initiative, which was conceptualized by IGC, aims to collect real-time data on air pollution in order to assist users with air pollution-related health conditions or allergies in making informed decisions. It’s worth emphasizing that the solution will be available to users all around the world.

Uses of Plugin and IGC partnership

The Plugin will serve as an oracle service in this project, bridging data (air pollution) from the outside world into a decentralized application. Furthermore, the air pollution tracking and tracing app will be targeted at end-users such as real estate property providers and developers, real estate buyers, air purifier companies, and government agencies charged with environmental protection.

Pollution-check will assist real estate property suppliers and developers in determining where to build homes that satisfy their clients’ air quality index (AQI) standards.

Companies that make air purifiers will also benefit from the solution. Air purifier providers can customize their services and offer models that are most effective for various regions provided they have precise data on pollution in different locations.

Pollution-check can be used by government entities entrusted with environmental protection to pass laws establishing adequate methods for reducing air pollution. Government entities, for example, may enact regulations that encourage the use of electric vehicles.

The plugin is a decentralized oracle platform that offers cost-effective smart contract solutions on the XDC Network Ecosystem.  It allows smart contracts to interface with the outside world and store data collected from trusted parties. 

Inclusive Growth Chain (IGC) is a platform that combines blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to address social and environmental issues. It will develop a blockchain-enabled platform that accurately aggregates air pollution data at low cost.


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