On OpenSea, Sophia the Robot Debuts the ‘Baby Singularities’ NFT Series

The “social” humanoid created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics debuted her Baby Singularities NFT series on OpenSea on Wednesday, according to a statement on her verified Twitter profile. Sophia worked on the project alongside artist Percy Lau. He rose to renown as the world’s first robot to acquire citizenship and for appearances on The Tonight Show and Good Morning Britain.   Each of the nine Baby Sophia heads in the NFT collection has a floor price of US$1,935.60 (0.09ETH), and each is supposed to reveal a far-future prediction. Sophia’s previous NFT collaborations have sold for millions of dollars, and owners of these Baby Singularities NFTs will have access to Sophia’s AI and metaverse at a premium. Sophia’s metaverse (SAOS) will begin as an NFT-based gaming environment and marketplace centered on a cinematic sci-fi tale scape set in 2042 when machines “awaken.” Last year, the social media behemoth changed its name to “Meta” to symbolize a shift in the company’s focus to the metaverse, igniting a scramble among businesses to capitalize on the newfound interest in the issue. Unlike Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, which are limited to people’s phones or intelligent home terminals, Meta’s new assistant, “CAIRaoke” (pronounced karaoke), will function as an augmented reality program through a set of smart glasses. Through a heads-up display in the lenses, it can deliver visual clues, recommendations, and analyses based on what the user sees.


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