Nansen Seeks to Reshape Crypto Messaging With Blockchain-Compatible App

BlockchainAnalytics platform NansenThe company has launched an encrypted messaging app that allows global crypto participants to communicate with one another while increasing developer accountability.

Nansen Connect’sAccording to the company, the primary feature is full blockchain compatibility and analytic access. MakingThe public availability of blockchain data from users will encourage community building as well as developer accountability. Nansen.

TheTransparency is key to reducing scams like the DiscordModerator hacks that have been discovered Bored Ape non-fungible token (NFT) community.

TheCompany Nansen ConnectIt will allow users to log into their crypto wallets and select a username based upon their username. NansenYou can create wallet labels or join groups based upon your crypto holdings or on-chain behavior.

“WhileCertain Web 2 platforms can be used to token-gate communities, they rely on plugins and are rife with problems,” Paul Harwood, NansenStatement by product manager. The app is intended to be a “secure, crypto-native method for users and groups to explore the frontiers of Web 3 communication.”

NansenInitial membership is open to subscribers and holders of NFTs. ThisIncludes Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Azuki, Clonex, Doodles, Moonbirds. CollectionsYou have consented to their use Nansen Connectas their official communication platform Pudgy Penguins, KajiuKingz, Cyberkongz, Hashmasks, ParallelOther. NansenIt stated that it will continue to add collections and communities over the years.

In May, NansenPurchased portfolio tracker for decentralized financing (DeFi). Ape Boardand was planning to combine its analysis with Ape Board’s portfolio tracking.


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