MonkeyLeague Metaverse Appoints Platika’s Raz Friedman as Chief Product Officer

MonkeyLeague has announced that Raz Friedman, Playtika’s first employee and former CPO Playtika is now its full-time chief product officer. Friedman has nearly two decades of experience in game design and development. Friedman is one of the first game developers to build games on Facebook and for mobile devices.

MonkeyLeague Co-Founder Appointed as CPO

MonkeyLeague, a next-generation web3 esports game that empowers players to play, compete and earn, has announced the appointment of its co-founder, Raz Friedman as its new chief product officer(CPO). 

Friedman is the former first employee and CPO of Playtika, a NASDAQ-traded digital entertainment company. With his nearly two decades of experience in the game design and development world, Friedman will now lead the design and development of MonkeyLeague and future studio titles to further cement the project as a full-fledged Web3.0 powerhouse.

As the CPO of MonkeyLeague, Friedman will be in charge of building MonkeyLeague’s AAA-quality gaming experience, while still maintaining a sustainable Web3 gaming experience that combines both the ‘free2earn’ and ‘play2earn’ economies.

Pioneering the Web3 Gaming Revolution 

Raz Friedman said:

“Esports and Web3 are two of the fastest-growing tech verticals right now. Having been one of the first to build games on Facebook and for mobile, I’m beyond thrilled to be leading the design and development of MonkeyLeague and to be pioneering the next gaming revolution which is Web3. MoneyLeague is only the beginning for our studio as we aim to set a new standard for high-quality Web3 games that last a lifetime.”

The team believes Friedman’s decision to focus full-time on the further development of MonkeyLeague, is a strong indication of where the Playtika veteran sees the future of gaming.

The new CPO will also oversee the development of additional esports games and brands under the MonkeyLeague umbrella.

Friedman will lead a MonkeyLeague team that boasts over 100 years combines experience in the gaming industry. 

With a community of nearly 300,000 members, MonkeyLeague has attracted huge interest from play-to-earn gaming enthusiasts and the team is now focusing on offering players a high entertainment and production value (play-AND-earn) game as opposed to the classic play-to-earn, play-to-win approach.

MonkeyLeague Head of Marketing, Oren Langberg said;

“Raz is like the Bobby Fischer of gaming. His expertise in building sustainable economies and designing extremely popular games will only reinforce our future status as a Web3 gaming giant. Raz leading the overall product will ensure our studio’s first release sets a benchmark in high-quality web3 gaming.”

MonkeyLeague says it has massive plans of creating a vast Web3 esports ecosystem with various interconnected roles and ways to engage, as well as earn rewards. 

MonkeyLeague claims to be the first gaming metaverse to introduce both active and passive gameplay at scale, enabling gamers to engage in numerous activities from competing through matchplay and owning land and stadiums to scouting players and managing teams.

Powered by the Solana blockchain, MonkeyLeague combines high-production-value soccer multiplayer gaming, NFTs, and decentralized finance (DeFi) to offer gamers an exciting, turn-based, play-to-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.


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