Ledger Launches NFT Marketplace and Services Platform for Enterprises

Crypto hardware and security firm Ledger is launching an NFT marketplace and Web3 services platform for enterprises, the company announced Wednesday at the Ledger Op3n conference at NFT.NYC. Ledger is also rolling out a suite of other products focused on Web3 education and security.

The company’s NFT marketplace, Ledger Market, prioritizes security and transparency. According to Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier, clear-signing, a process that helps NFT traders avoid scams, is something that has been lost “in the wave of Web3 innovation,” as proper security is “one of the industry’s biggest problems.”

Ledger Market is partnering with brands such as LVMH’s Tag Heuer, NFT collection DeadFellaz and Brick/Babylon to list their assets on the marketplace.

Ledger is also launching Ledger Enterprise Create, a platform where companies can scale their Web3 projects and securely move into the NFT space.

“Everyone’s building NFTs like they were building websites in the 2000s,” Gauthier told CoinDesk, with webmasters and a lack of transparency between parties involved in the technology. He hopes Ledger Enterprise Create will allow “brands and creators [to be] completely in control.”

“What we want to do at Ledger is to accompany creators and brands throughout their NFT journey, and to secure the whole stack from minting the NFT to distribution into production,” said Gauthier.

According to Gauthier, Ledger has two million daily active users and over 20% of digital assets worldwide are protected by its technology. The company launched in 2014 with a focus on bitcoin, and now has been entering the Web3 space with its recent product developments. In May, it launched Ledger Connect, a hardware wallet for users to connect to Web3 applications.

But before putting Web3 into action, Gauthier noted that it’s Ledger’s job to help users understand the various technologies and how they can use them.

This is one of the reasons Ledger is launching Ledger Quest, a learn-to-earn Web3-focused game with NFT rewards, and Ledger Academy, an educational platform for users to broaden their understanding of blockchain technology and security.

Ledger is also announcing a Pro Team of celebrities such as Mike Shinoda, Deadfellaz, Dan Held and Bobby Hundreds to be ambassadors of the company by educating their communities on Web3.

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