Johnny Depp NFT Sales Spike Post Defamation Verdict Outcome

The price of Johnny Depp’s NFT collection surged dramatically. Depp won on all three of his charges when the jury found that Heard not only uttered false and defamatory claims but also did so with “actual malice,” as they put it.

Depp presented his NFT collection ‘Never Fear Truth’ in late January 2022. Only 1500 Ethereum have been traded on it since its inception. Despite this, the same NFT collection witnessed a trading volume of $352,000 after the judgement.

Original Artwork by Depp

The collection includes 3,850 NFTs, which include original artwork by Johnny Depp. The actor’s collection is titled “Friends and Heroes” and features portraits of individuals he’s met personally or who have influenced him somehow.

Since the ruling, Depp’s NFT has sold 212 units, according to OpenSea statistics. An average of 0.8 ETH has been paid for each NFT. Since March 2022, Depp’s collection has only witnessed a handful of sales. With 11,111 generative art NFTs, the collection had a starting price of 0.70 ETH when first introduced to the market.

Heath Ledger, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Hunter S. Thompson, Tim Burton, and River Phoenix are just a few influences on Johnny Depp’s latest collection. Among the 607 self-portraits was a portrait of the artist’s dog, himself, and a figure based on his child’s dreams.

On the other hand, jury members decided that Johnny Depp should be awarded more than $10 million. Even still, Johnny Depp’s triumph was not complete. Heard’s counterclaim was likewise found to have merit by the jury. Although they threw out two of Heard’s three claims, they concluded that a lawyer representing Depp had defamed her by accusing her of scuffling about in the couple’s flat to make it seem worse to the cops. The jury granted her $2 million.


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