Internet of Things (IoT) Blockchain Project Surges After Listing

An Internet of Things crypto project has surged after a surprise listing from a prominent exchange. rolled out support for Meta X Connect (MXC) on Tuesday, sending MXC’s price soaring nearly 17%.

MXC is also up 8.44% in the past 24 hours.

Meta X Connect, recently rebranded from MXC Foundation, wants to build a global decentralized network connecting devices and enabling them to communicate more efficiently. The foundation runs the MXProtocol, “a crowdsourced IoT network for the people, by the people,” according to Meta X Connect.

The MXC token is an Ethereum-based token used as a means of payment for services provided on the network. Kraken listed the token last week.

The project also rolled out low-power Bitcoin (BTC) mining this week. Explains Meta X Connect,

“MatchX and the MXC Foundation, exploiting the patented LoRaWAN technology and its Supernode network on the novel Meta X Protocol, have innovated the mining experience and created a mechanism empowering low-power bitcoin mining with the M2 Pro multi-token miner, allowing everyone to mine MXC, DHX, BTC and many more tokens to come.

This is a world-first in mining technology; until now, mining Bitcoin has been synonymous with high electricity costs and expensive mining rigs.”


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