How Far Will The Metaverse Go?

Will the Metaverse take control of the physical world? How will the Metaverse shape our daily life? Click here to learn it all.

One of many people’s recurrent childhood dreams was to bring the dreams into reality or create a world where the dreams can come true, and we live by our own rules! If you’re one of us, then you’ll love to know that the future of humankind is closely tied to Metaverse, that parallel world where everything is possible. I was wondering what the future may look like jumping into this new rabbit hole! Come with me to read how far Metaverse may go and how we can profit from all this!

What Is Metaverse?

Before discussing the future of humans in the Metaverse, let’s quickly review the basics of the Metaverse and see why it is increasing in importance. The term Metaverse is a combination of Meta, which means beyond, and Universe; together, the name Metaverse means a world beyond! To provide a short definition of the Metaverse, we can describe it as the space where the physical world is integrated into the digital. Metaverse is where virtual comes into reality and a place to digitise everyday activities and provide a marketplace for materials in the digital world. Here’s a thorough article for those who wish to learn about Metaverse in detail.

Is Metaverse Already Here?

Although many Metaverse lovers claim that the Metaverse is entering our lives, it is a dream that has not come true yet. It is normal actually, as we talked about walking on the moon a hundred years ago, made movies about it, and now, one century later, it has happened. Similarly, the mobile era is happening now, but the first cellular network call happened in 1973, the inception of the wireless data network dates back to 1991, and the first smartphone was introduced in 1992. Practically, the idea of Metaverse was introduced in 2021, so we can’t expect it to happen as a fully grown idea, but it is definitely underway!

Where Is Metaverse Then?!

Like every great idea, Metaverse will take some time to flourish. Take the Internet as an example. The Internet we use today was created over several years due to the efforts of researchers, universities, technologists and institutions. These efforts mainly concentrated on setting standards that streamline sharing of information among servers and consequently make way for future technologies. The results were far more impressive than planned, as anyone gained access to the Internet and could build on it from everywhere and next to no cost. Currently, we don’t possess the computing power good enough to expand the Metaverse as we dream. And we’ll need to make it an understanding among various new devices, from VR goggles to holographic displays, ultra-sonic generators, and even machines to receive electrical signals sent across muscles.

How Far Will The Metaverse Go? 2

Why Is Metaverse Important?

You may be wondering, what is all this fuss about? Isn’t Metaverse another technology that is trendy for a short time and gets lost in the shadow of the next technology? Well, probably not. Experts claim that Metaverse is the next big thing, as effective as the Internet! There are turning points in human life from time to time. Whenever a huge shift occurs, e.g., turning to PCs and Internet from mainframes or developing mobile and cloud services like cloud storage, we need to tag along! 

Why Should We Follow The Metaverse Technology?

Why should we follow the Metaverse technology? Because you don’t want to be the one who uses an abacus in the smart computing era! The essential fact is that in the months or years between eras, it’s time to decide if we’ll be among the pioneers, leaders, and even users of the next big thing or not. If you aim to experience a better future, you must build it. It is time to hop on the train moving incredibly fast toward the most unexpected innovations, which bring about thanks to Metaverse.

Metaverse Takes The Internet To A Whole New Level!

Despite the fact that the Internet is an unending network for mass communication, it fails to satisfy our needs for interactive experiences, especially when it involves 3-D imaging. The Internet was initially developed to be a platform for sharing and modifying files like emails. Even then, there’s no generally accepted standard for file formats or 3D information or a system to exchange data. This is where Metaverse sweeps in!

What Will Metaverse Look Like?

An excellent example for those who can’t imagine what Metaverse will look like is the experience of video games. If you’ve played games like Call of Duty or any online action game, you’ll get what I mean! Those games are the ancestors of Metaverse and just a beginning. Every single item, from clothing to weaponry, cars, etc., will be buyable NFTs, and you’ll have your own avatar with specific access.

How Far Will The Metaverse Go? 4

How Will Metaverse Affect The Economy?

It may seem blurry at first how the 3D Internet might affect the global economy, just how we had no idea how the Internet would change everything. But if we review our recent history, we’ll see that Internet technology has shifted from colourless text to primitive webpages and blogs. Then, online profiles emerged on social media and afterwards, video-based social networks, emojis, and filters came into being.

Let’s Set An Example!

To get a clear picture of the Internet development, just consider the volume of daily content produced on the Internet, from some message posts, emails, or blog updates to a constant stream of multimedia content. When Metaverse enters, the next step of this development will involve a living virtual world that is way beyond images of our daily life or communication. It will be a virtual world where we actually live as there will be avatars and customisations like never before.

How Will Metaverse Impact Education?

So far, and especially after the Covid pandemic, we have reached prevalent online classes. Using the Metaverse, we can simply experience the Magic School Bus, and we’ll literally live the cartoon. You may remember dull biology and physics classes where teachers strived to teach us about the human body or gravity rules! A class in Metaverse will let students travel to Mars to compare its gravity with Earth’s, or they can enter the human body and observe how the organs work! Yeah, this is how great it will be!

How Will The Metaverse Change Medicine?

Last year, the Johns Hopkins Hospital hosted the first live patient surgery using an AR headset. The Augmented-Reality headset interactively displayed the patient’s internal anatomy to the surgeon, Dr Timothy Witham. When asked, “how do you describe the experience” the neurosurgeon explained it to be similar to having GPS. It means that Metaverse is not going to replace what we have today, but it will add to it, just like how GPS helps in driving.

How Will The Metaverse Improve Technology?

Airports like Hong Kon International use a technology called live digital twin to let airport operators operate a live 3D simulation to control the direction of planes and passengers. This technology can also be used in urban planning to determine how buildings impact traffic, emergency response time, sunlight attraction, etc. Metaverse will improve all these technologies by bringing them online to provide a digital development platform.

The Public Is Still Unsure About What Metaverse Is!

Many people still assume it’s all part of a game and never take it seriously. I agree that we are mainly predicting the future of the Metaverse, but the future will be even more incredible as the potential of this mind-blowing technology can bring dramatic changes in our lifestyle. We are, of course, talking about the next century or so when we say Metaverse in everybody’s daily life, but the impact is inevitable. Could anybody predict in 1900 that we can have video calls today? Even the telephone seemed impossible!

What Is Metverse Not?

Metaverse is not 

  • a virtual reality headset,
  • augmented reality glasses, or
  • any interactive game like Minecraft!

These are only small parts of the metaverse, as Google is not the Internet but a part of it. The Metaverse is not going to replace the Internet or all devices or software, but it will create new opportunities for more innovative technologies.

Will Metaverse Contain Risks?

The short answer is that literally, anything contains risks! Nobody can claim to have created something free of risk. The possible concerns regarding the Metaverse may be a different form of what we fear when using the Internet, i.e., data rights, security, privacy, misinformation, etc.

Final Remarks

As implied earlier, as many companies, start-ups, developers, crypto sharks, etc., are moving toward the unknown world of Metaverse, we, the users, also need to get familiar with something that many refer to as an idea as big as the Internet was 20 years ago. Nobody can guarantee that only good things may happen, but we are at a turning point when we can take a leap of faith and jump into this new rabbit hole! If you’re interested in investing in Metaverse, you can’t miss this article. To stay updated about the news regarding the Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and investment options, check out

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