Gucci’s Virtual World Is Now Open On Digital Real Estate Platform The Sandbox

Gucci’s virtual world is now open on digital real estate platform The Sandbox, expanding its Gucci Vault metaverse hub and making it the first major fashion brand to have its own space on the platform. Players can win digital collectible NFTs that they can then wear in other The Sandbox lands. Gucci Vault NFT holders (including Supergucci and Gucci Grail NFT) will receive a Gucci Vault Aura collectible item that their avatars can wear in The Sandbox, showing their loyalty to Gucci in the new metaverse space.

The virtual world called Gucci Vault Land is open from October 27 to November 9. Designed as a landing pad for all of Gucci’s “multiverse” and Web3 efforts, the world will be home to NFT’s curated work, Gucci’s previous NFTs, its community, its garden concept (users enter the space through the “Garden of Curiosities”), and the brand’s vintage pieces that will be presented, but not put up for sale. The space also allows for playful learning about Gucci’s heritage and products.

Gucci first announced in February that it had acquired digital real estate on The Sandbox and plans to launch its own “interactive fashion experience” on the platform. The Sandbox usually opens these types of experiences in fixed time frames called seasons. The third season began in August. Gucci is prominently launching the world outside of seasonal boundaries, emphasizing Gucci’s standalone presence on the platform.

Image: Sandbox Gaming


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