Gnosis Safe adds support for Integral SIZE to boost DeFi trading

Decentralized exchange (DEX) platform Integral SIZE has integrated with self-custody multi-signature wallet provider Gnosis Safe to enhance seamless functionality for DeFi users, the two firms said in a press release shared with Invezz.

Adding support for Gnosis Safe provides SIZE the opportunity to roll out the best in multi-signature wallet capabilities to its growing community of users. Per their announcement, the Integral SIZE’s ecosystem can now tap into the efficiency and security of the multi-sig wallet.

Seamless DeFi trading

The integration also allows the DEX platform to provide frictionless DeFi interaction for traders, who will enjoy the benefits of a one-stop solution designed to help DAOs and whale traders.

In this case, SIZE is eyeing seamless a network where price impact and impermanent loss are eliminated via a 30-minute Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP), a feature that will greatly benefit DAOs and other large order traders.

As part of their collaboration, Integral is now an active member of Safe Guardians group, which brings together select projects committed to advancing the adoption of the SAFE ecosystem.


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