CryptoBlades Kingdoms Opens Beta Whitelist

CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK) releases its Beta whitelist for players interested in playing its CBK Beta game. The PlayToEarn (P2E) Non-fungible Token (NFT) game on BNB Chain will also reward users who play the game. 

The GameFi platform opened the Beta Whitelist on June 28, urging users to register to participate in the exciting upcoming Beta game. Whitelisted winners stand a chance to win up to $1000 in rewards from playing CBK Beta. The CBK team wrote to BSC News about the rewards distribution across eight categories, including an interesting Guild Feature.

“Kingdoms Beta Tournament offers $1000 in prizes to any participant that is able to stay on the top of the leaderboards in any of the eight categories. There are seven individual categories that reward $100 prizes,” the statement reads. 


🗻The next milestone for #CBK is Beta! There will be events, competitions,💰prizes, and more for all of our early players!🔥

Oh, have you created your guild yet?!🚀The coming months will be a BLAST!

👉Join Now: #p2e #KING

— CryptoBlades Kingdoms (@CBKingdoms) June 28, 2022

There are seven different categories in which winners will receive $100 each: 

  • Most Units Trained. 
  • Most Resources Collected (from players’ village). 
  • Most Building Levels Obtained. 
  • Most Battles Won.
  • Most Battles Lost. 
  • Most Units Defeated. 
  • Most Looted Resources (stolen from others). 

The Guild feature is the eighth category, offering $300 to the guild with the most battles won at the end of the tournament:

“A new feature in CBK Beta that we couldn’t be more excited about is Guilds! To test the strength of teamwork and alliances, $300 will be distributed to the guild with the most battles won at the end of the tournament,” the team told BSC News. 

The whitelist is open to everyone who completes up to eleven easy tasks outlined in the registration portal. 

What is CryptoBlades Kingdoms:

CryptoBlades Kingdoms is a P2E NFT game built on BNB Chain. The game’s Beta version is still under development, featuring a metaverse of villages, different resources, guilds, dungeons, and more. 

The Beta Whitelist is live for interested users looking to play the Beta game. 


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