Conversion Capital Releases $122 Million Fund III to Invest in Fintech

On Tuesday, Conversion Capital, an early-stage venture firm, said it launched a $122 million Fund III backed by leading institutions, family offices, and founders to invest in early-stage fintech and startups.

According to the press release, as a result of the new capital, Conversion Capital will invest in 25-30 pre-seed to Series A fintech companies developing software, cloud infrastructure, and data technologies. Funds are invested in pre-seed, Series A, and Series B companies by founder-led engineering teams.

“Twenty years ago, every company set out to become a technology company with the adoption of Web and mobile. Today, we’re seeing a continuation and acceleration of an even larger platform shift. As more and more companies move critical operating infrastructure to the cloud, operational efficiency is unlocked, which impacts every aspect of the global economy. The industries that drive our national GDP were slower to make this transition, but with Cloud 3.0 came advancements in security and functionality, and this represents an enormous investment opportunity. Those businesses that can scale, will win,” Christian Lawless, Sole Founder and General Partner of the firm, commented.

He added: “We are focusing our capital on US and UK-based companies that stand to benefit from macro tailwinds and global decoupling. Our experience drives our conviction that the US will remain the epicenter of innovation. Previous market corrections have proven we have the most resilient economy in the world.”

Conversion Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2015 that partners with top entrepreneurs who are using software, cloud infrastructure, and data technologies to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Raisin Hitting €25 Billion AUM in Saving Products

In other fintech-related news, as a leading German provider of open banking for savings and investment products, Raisin now manages more than €25bn in savings assets.

The achievement, Raisin said, has set the course for further growth as the European Central Bank (ECB) increases interest rates in the eurozone to combat high inflation.


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