Dtravel is changing the vacation rental industry with blockchain technology

In a world of short-term rentals, vacation rental platforms, and “sharing economy” startups, there has yet to be a platform that can do it all. That is, until now. Dtravel has completed its first successful smart-contract and is now the only platform that can provide a full suite of services for both renters and property owners.

Dtravel is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who saw the need for a platform that could help people take advantage of the sharing economy. The team has over 20 years of combined experience in web development, marketing, and travel. They have built a platform that is easy to use and provides all the tools necessary for people to find or list properties quickly and easily.

The Dtravel team is excited to bring their platform to the world and help people take advantage of the sharing economy.

A customer has booked a $2,000 stay at a property in London through a property owner who listed his home through the BNB chain-based company’s V2 of its pilot program. This is the first time that the company has offered this service and it is a big step forward in their goal to provide more vacation rental options for their customers. The property owner is very pleased with the result and is looking forward to future business with the company.

Dtravel, a site that allows users to search for and book travel deals, has announced that it is now using smart contracts to handle its bookings. This move comes after months of development aimed at making the site more user-friendly.

One of the key features of the new system is that it allows users to pay for their bookings in cryptocurrency. This makes it easier for people to use Dtravel, as they no longer need to worry about exchanging their currency into fiat currency.

The site has also been redesigned with a new look and feel. This makes it easier for users to find the deals they are looking for, and to make bookings quickly and easily.

Binance-backed travel booked site, has announced the launch of a new travel booking platform. The new platform, called Dtravel, will allow users to book hotels and flights using cryptocurrencies.

Dtravel is built on top of, a travel booking site that is backed by Binance. already allows users to book hotels and flights using over 60 different cryptocurrencies.

The launch of Dtravel will allow Binance to expand its reach into the travel industry. It will also allow to increase its user base and become the leading cryptocurrency-based travel booking platform.

“The huge value proposition that we have with this product specifically is that hosts truly own their own smart contract and they own the payment flow of that, too,” said Huang.

In an effort to make it easier for users to book stays directly from property owners, the site has implemented direct bookings. This new feature allows users to bypass the traditional booking process and go straight to the source. The site’s goal is to provide an easy way for people to find and book properties around the world, without having to go through a third party.

The smart contract is run between the renter and the host, eliminating all third-party platforms and giving the hosts full autonomy over the terms of their hospitality.

As booking becomes increasingly popular, there is an increasing need for a decentralized solution that allows users to share resources without the need for a third party. This is where the smart contract comes in. By using a smart contract, renters and hosts can interact directly with each other, eliminating all third-party platforms and fees. Smart contracts are executed through blockchain technology, which is secure and transparent. This makes it the perfect solution for online interactions between strangers.

The travel industry is one that is constantly evolving, with new players and services emerging all the time. One such development in the travel industry is the use of stablecoins to pay for accommodation. There are a few different ways in which users can pay their hosts for their stays in stablecoins such as UDSC, USDT and BUSD.

Huang said the company is exploring in the coming months the possibility of being multichain, as well. This would allow them to have multiple blockchains operating simultaneously, which could improve speed and security. However, he also said that they are still committed to their original goal of creating a more efficient and user-friendly blockchain.

Dtravel, a decentralized travel platform, is also working on bolstering its community through its DAO. With its native token TRVL, home-sharing will be available to anyone with an internet connection. The Dtravel DAO will allow for the direct interaction between community members and Dtravel administrators. This will create a more democratic and transparent system for all users.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for about a decade, but they’ve only recently gained mainstream attention. This attention has led to an influx of new investors, many of whom are inexperienced in the space. While this may be concerning to some, there are projects that are looking to welcome these newcomers with open arms. Travala is one such project.

Dtravel anticipates increasing these features and wallet integrations to those yards rushing through Web2, as well as increasingly giving TRVL tokens to guests to motivate governance participation to get familiar with the DAO.

Cynthia Huang, the Head of Growth of Dtravel told the media that company will be available to the public in the next two months.

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