Bitcoin Suisse Says Its Operations Will Continue to Operate Normally

Bitcoin Suisse, a crypto-finance company in Switzerland, said on Monday that its services continue to operate normally amid the crypto bloodbath and the turbulence generated. The announcement comes in the wake of crypto platforms like Celsius pausing all withdrawals, swaps, and transfers, triggering selloffs in the market.

“Thanks to the strong business model of Bitcoin Suisse built on proprietary infrastructure and best execution trading across all relevant global crypto exchanges, Bitcoin Suisse operates as usual. Bitcoin Suisse is able to meet all withdrawal requests from its clients as it trades on self-owned liquidity,” the company noted.

Moreover, Dr. Dirk Klee, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, added: “In challenging market situations like these, it is our top priority that our clients’ assets are safe and that clients can access our full service offering without interruptions. We are not bound to one exchange – we are operating across several of the most relevant exchanges globally. This set up is part of our USP and proved to be extremely resilient, especially during phases with intensified market volatility, since 2013.”

New Long-Term Investor

Bitcoin Suisse also announced that A&T Capital, a crypto venture firm, has doubled down on its earlier investment in the company. Founded in 2014, A&T Capital is an early to growth stage venture capital firm focused on emerging disruptive technologies with a proven investment track record in crypto. “We believe and invest in resilient business models of strong market leaders that thrive in their respective market. Bitcoin Suisse is one of the most-proven innovators in the crypto space and dedicated to adding value for its clients. The company shares our ambitions in supporting long-term and sustainable businesses and is closely engaged in the crypto ecosystem since its founding in 2013. Our investment into Bitcoin Suisse over the last months is a great addition to our portfolio,” Jasmine Zhang, General Partner of A&T Capital, commented.

Last year, Bitcoin Suisse announced that, together with Worldline, one of the leading payment companies worldwide, it launched an omnichannel crypto payment solution for over 85,000 Swiss merchants in the Worldline network.


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