Bin Zayed Group Teams Up With Caduceus to Develop Twin City Metaverse

The push for Dubai to become a force to reckon with in virtual space is gaining momentum following the latest announcement. The Bin Zayed Group is partnering with Caduceus to create a lively city experience in the Metaverse.

Developing a Twin City Metaverse

The proposed Twin City Metaverse will be experienced via virtual reality (VR) technology. This is to bring the full virtual version of the city of Dubai into people’s homes. 

In addition, the new virtual city promised to include most of the city’s delights—from the themed parks to theatres and shopping malls.

Moreover, the two parties involved in the Metaverse project are leading industry players in their respective fields. Bin Zayed Group leads the pack in architecture and commercial properties.

For its part, Caduceus is a virtual technology solutions provider with a unique decentralized platform needed for Metaverse development.

As a result, the Twin City Metaverse will usher in an immersive virtual experience unique to the city of Dubai alongside its culture. The virtual new town will include every detail leaving nothing out.

In the words of Tim Bullman, CEO of Caduceus, this is the perfect opportunity to show how the experience of the Metaverse can be.

Tim added that the virtual ecosystem is massive and the Metaverse idea is not clearly defined and leveraged. Opportunities abound aplenty, and the latest deal will bring all that is there to be seen and heard about Metaverse.

Commenting on the partnership with Bin Zayed Group, Tim noted that developing the Twin City will show how accurate the Metaverse is. In addition, it will depict the reality of how the virtual world feels and sounds.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Zayed Group, Midhat Kidwai, expresses optimism about collaborating with Caduceus toward creating the Twin City experience. According to Kidwai, it is a culmination of a vision – bringing real estate, construction, and tech together.

Kidwai reiterates that the Group knows the level of attention and detail needed to achieve such magnificent architecture. And the Caduceus firm is the embodiment of the Metaverse. Joining hands together will bring Dubai city life to the homes of people, according to Kidwai.

The Partners

The Bin Zayed Group is a conglomerate of companies with diverse local and international business portfolios. Over the years, it has expanded its business ventures into energy, real estate, construction, technology, trade, and investments.

The Caduceus is the first Metaverse protocol powered by decentralized edge-rendering technology. The company is the most sought-after in virtual reality due to its use case in ensuring an immersive Metaverse experience.

Additionally, Caduceus uses extended reality to provide creators, developers, and users with an unmatched experience in the Metaverse.

Meanwhile, Dubai intends to transform the UAE into a crypto, blockchain technology, and Metaverse powerhouse. The Gulf nation has been steadily moving toward achieving its vision with considerable investments in the sector.

It also has friendly policies to lure international investors to the region, and the coming years will prove vital for its success.


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