Alec Monopoly, A Street Artist, Will Release NFTs In Partnership With Hypermint

NFT artwork curator NFTGrails and an NFT platform have made an announcement regarding their collaboration to release an NFT collection dubbed “Rags to Richie” created by Alec Monopoly.

Hypermint is a latest platform released by Moonpay, and will act as the NFT minting partner for Rags to Richie.

Rags to Richie collection is not just a collection of images, but also a utility provider, with utility for a metaverse club, P2E NFT game, street art, Digital Art Gallery, exclusive events as well as giveaways worth more than a Million dollars to the NFT holders as an essential element of their initial strategies.

The NFT collection is based on a famous character from a board game we all played at some point, Monopoly, or as we know it by the name of Business. The collection will focus on different aspects of the game and the character Mr. Monopoly, drawn by the street artist Alec Monopoly.

Back in the days, Alec Monopoly also joined forces with JOYSTICK for Metaverse Art Gallery and Sandbox Club to unveil “Rags to Richie” art. 

After the launch of the NFT collection, a prime event featuring Alec Monopoly acting as the Live DJ In The Sandbox will be organized.

About Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly is a well recognized graffiti artist all over the globe. His work usually involves Richie Rich, Pennybags and more.

His famous arts can easily be accessed on the internet, where folks can find his mesmerizing works, such as Mr. Monopoly holding a Bitcoin, Richie Rich going away with a crypto balloon, Mr. Monopoly posing as a miner, and many more.

In recent times, NFT sector has grown at a faster pace and has attracted artists, celebs, and organizations in bulk. It is anticipated that NFT, Metaverse, P2E gaming and other associated spaces are going to inflate, and will allow folks a chance to generate income while offering astounding experiences that will help them enjoy the journey while they earn in the sector.


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